Tux paint now has Indian Flowers

Students of VHSS Irimpinam Kochi have now become prestigious contributors to the Free Software movement. They have now captured the beauty of the Indian landscape, by photographing native flowers and developing stamps in the 2D drawing application Tux paint.

Tux Paint is a free software, award-winning drawing program for children ages 3 to 12 (for example, preschool and K-6). It combines an easy-to-use interface, fun sound effects, and an encouraging cartoon mascot who guides children as they use the program.

Free Software gives us basic 4 freedoms to use,study, share, and modify and the students of Swathanthra Software Kootayma( First Free Software group based on a school in India) have imbibed the concept into their lives and have contributed their knowledge fuelling the importance and significance of the movement in the society.

Indeed it was quite an experience for the 6th and 7th standard students who edited the digital photographs using GIMP(Image editing tool) and then integrated the pictures into the tux paint application. They also recorded the names of the flowers in Malayalam in their own voices, and the malayalam text names of the stamps in the application. Teachers helped the students in photography and integration into the application.

Around 10-15 students and 5 teachers of the school will now become official contributors in the next release of tux paint, which will contain the latest Indian Flowers as stamps for the users as mentioned in the email send by Bill Kendrick , the founder and lead developer of tux paint. When a user selects a stamp tool in Tuxpaint and clicks on image of a flower , he can hear and see its name displayed in Malayalam.

VHSS Irimpanam has been popular in the Free Software community, for its initiatives in conducting two editions of the Swathanthra Software Sangamam, an event that mainly focusses on teaching students the various Free Software technologies.

According to the teachers Free softwares gave us freedom to reflect our culture through collaboration and sharing. The past two editions saw children learning Python programming, Blender , Inkscape and hardware basics.

Indeed the students are more happy for having contributed to the Free Software movement and being able to use their skills for the better of mankind, let us hope to see more schools follow suit. The stamps are available at http://vhssirimpanam.org/?p=329. Instructions for installation is also there.

The project is released under the creative commons attribution share alike license. The project was mailed to Bill Kendrick , the software developer from USA who started the Tuxpaint project in 2002. Bill extended his support to the project. The student-project is expected to be included in the next release of the official Tuxpaint version.

What Next – Vacation Localisation Project. ??

Yes the ball does not stop here, Bill Kendrick motivated the teachers to include Malayalam as an official language in the Tux paint application. After this the Graphical Frontend will sport a look containing Malaylam text.

The students are already geared up to take up this challenge and have set a deadline at the end of May to complete the work with the assistance
of teachers and Free Software Community.

Let us wish these hackers all the best for the future and hope that they become the true Ideal Free Software community of the Future.


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