SSK Meeting – JULY 2010- A REPORT

Swathanthra Software Koottayma of VHSS Irimpanam, had its second meeting this year on Wednesday, the 27th of July.


The details are as follows:
Date : 27/07/2010

Time: 3.30 to 4.30 pm

Multi Media Room
V.H.S.S. Irimpanam
Ernakulam 682 309


1. An Introduction to the concept of Free Software by Vimal Joseph
In his introductory session Vimal Joseph said that tuxpaint localization was the big achievement  of SSK.The customised version of Tuxpaint can be used by the whole student community.Such an achievement is not possible in proprietary softwares.He also differentiated between copying and manufacturing.A hardware manufactured cannot be copied, but copying is possible in the case of softwares.It can be shared with the community .Moreover the quality is not being lost when it is being copied.Software is another form of knowledge, and sharing of knowledge is the culture of our society, he said.Software should be freely available to the society, like natural resources like air.

2. Introducing educational applications
Thomas Yoyak,the Physics teacher and the I.T.Coordinator of the school, introduced some prominent educational applications in GNU/Linux.
Celestia, an educational application for Geography was demonstrated before the teachers and students.The program helps in astronomical studies, to study the universe in its integrity.
Kanagram an application for vocabulary development in English was then introduced.
Kgeography is helpful for the study of maps.Different types of comprehensive quiz is also possible with this application.
Ktechlab an application to make electronic circuits  was also introduced.

3. An Introduction to Mathematical applications by Bejoy Mathai ( Mathematics teacher)
DrGeo an application to make geometrical shapes was introduced by him.
Geogebra is an application for Analytic Geometry was also introduced.

Sameer Mohammed Thahir from ILUG Cochin , M.I.Andrews (Manager, VHSS Irimpanam), V.A.Thampy (Principal, VHSS Irimpanam),teachers from U.P – H.S.sections and students participated in the event.