Swathanthra Software Koottayma – First Meeting Details

The first meeting of the Swathanthra Software Koottayma held here in the school main hall was attended by upper primary and high school students ,teachers and free software activists from various fields.It is the first free software user group for students ever formed in Kerala.

Vision of Swathanthra Software Koottayma

To create a free thinking group which incorporates the core values of Free Software and uses it to make themselves equipped with the knowledge by utilizing their freedom for the better of the society through gaining knowledge, sharing and collaborating. The group will be a place were students, teachers and other members of the society will engage in healthy discussions of curriculum, syllabus, technology etc..


  • Discuss on various Free Software technologies through presentations and demonstrations by students and teachers
  • Screening of Movies that induce sense of social responsibility in students.
  • Collaborative studies during exams.
  • Discussing on improving matters at Schools, Environment and the Society through the use of technology.
  • Free Software Community Members will handle presentations and workshops for the group.
  • Participate in Free Software group meetings and gatherings.
  • Participate in Free Software and other Technology programs representing the school by demonstrating technologies used in the school and suitable for students.
  • Bring out quarterly Free Software based newsletters.
  • Generate ideas for simple applications for the school and society and develop them through collaboration with the community.

SSK First Meeting Details.

Date 10/07/2009
Time 3pm – 4.30pm
Venue School Main Hall and Multimedia Room
  • Teachers
  • Students of 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th
  • Free Software Community (ILUG Cochin) Members

15.00 – 15.20

Introductory Session on Free Software by Venkat

( ILUG Cochin Member )

  • Freedoms
  • History of GNU Project
  • GNU/ Linux Operating Sytem
  • Introduction to Software Licenses

15.20 – 15.45

Malayalam Computing

RImal, Abhinav and Geegu ( Class 10 Students )
Sanal Kumar (Malayalam Teacher )

  • History of Malayalam Computing
  • Swathanthra Malayalam Computing Project.
  • Logic of Inkscript and Malayalam typing.
  • Introduction to applications like the English to Malayalam dictionary and the text to
    Speech application Dhvani.

    • Setting a gradient as the background
    • Concept of Layers
    • Creating a Logo with ScriptFu
    • Merging the layers and exporting to an Image File.
      • Meetings on Every Second Friday of the Month.
      • Next Month Student Volunteer would be selected.
      • More questions and doubts from students
    • 16.30


  • 15.55 – 16.30

Making a poster using GNU Image Manipulation Programme ( GIMP)
by Thomas Yoyaku (Chemistry Teacher and I.T.Coordinator)

The meeting concluded with a brief speech by Sameer Thahir and

he had some suggestions on improving the meeting.


Inauguration of ‘SSK’

“Swathantra Software Koottayma of VHSS Irimpanam” was inaugurated by Jay Jacob , the founder member of ILUG-COCHIN and Vimal Joseph of SPACE on 29/5/09 at VHSS Irimpanam.A hardware expo and Quiz contest were also conducted on the day.A training programme on programming with Python also took place during the week.